Unkya Reserve 
Management Committee


The Unkya Reserve is managed by the Unkya Reserve Committee of Management (Section 355 Committee) – that is a voluntary organisation made up of local, community minded people who volunteer their time and expertise. The committee is responsible for the management of ‘Unkya Reserve’ on behalf of Nambucca Valley Council.

The philosophy of the committee is to provide a meeting place for building a strong and vibrant community.

The committee’s focus is to develop and improve this beautiful reserve to be a more widely functional space for all in the community to appreciate and utilise.  

Our Legal Status

We are a section 355 Committee of Council, consisting of residents/ratepayers (with appointments approved by council ) - and our committee take responsibility for the care, control and management of a particular asset or function which would normally be a duty of Council.

The volunteer assistance of committee members is highly valued by Council.

The Unkya Reserve Committee are obliged to adhere to the rules and regulations as set out by the Nambucca Valley Council (Nambucca Valley Council Committees of Management) - Section 355 Committees - Guidelines to Operations and Delegations of Authority (PDF).

Our Responsibilities

The responsibility of the committee is to:-

  1. Maintain, improve and protect the grounds and buildings of Unkya Reserve
  2. Raise funds to help with the long and short term upkeep of the reserve
  3. Manage and regulate the use and availability of the Reserve to the public for community use


Next Meeting

Next Meeting: TBA
Where: Eungai Hall 

Joining the Unkya Reserve Committee of Management

For more information please contact the Unkya Reserve Committee of Management

Lee (Secretary) 0428 871 090
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